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Scholen in de kunst wants to bring children and (young) adults in contact with art and culture. They provide courses, are active in the Dutch education and supports amateur art associations. They would like to sell more courses via the website and wants to be more known in the region of Amersfoort. Together with Scholen in de Kunst we make sure that online registrations runs smoothly, so that more visitors of the websites register for a course.

Making the course register process as efficient as possible

Scholen in de Kunst made use of an administration system that had a lot of restrictions. This had impact on the content creators of Scholen in de Kunst and on the website visitors aswell. It was difficult for the visitor to get through the register process, so they dropped without finishing. Content creators didn’t had any freedom in publishing the course offering, because the administration system at the time was very directive and dominant. To make the registration process more smoothly, we created an environment where course participants can register themselves. Through a middleware application, the administration system is no longer directly linked to the website, now the content editors have more freedom and the website is less vulnerable.

The question:
How can the course register process be set up as efficient as possible, so that the visitors can easily register and content editors still have enough freedom in publishing the course offerings?
The solution:
A website and my-environment that are linked to a middleware application.
More online visitors will sign up for a course and the business processes will be more efficient.

What did we do for Scholen in de Kunst? Business processes runs more smoothly and quicker

More freedom for the content editors

Because of the middleware application, the content editors have less restrictions while adding courses on the website. That gave them more freedom, it takes less time and ensures better communication with the visitors.

Simple registration process

The register process was a big obstacle for the visitors. Now visitors can easily register themselves for a course in the my-environment. Because of the new registration process, Scholen in de Kunsts sells more courses.

Less vulnerable website

Because Scholen in de Kunst now manage the middleware application themselves, the website has become less vulnerable. That’s because the changes in the system doesn’t affect the website anymore.

Middleware application provides communication with systems

The middleware application is responsible for processing all data. It provides communication with extern systems and delivers through a smart technical solution data to the website.

More about middleware Back Scholen in de Kunst

Intelligent datahub

The middleware application provides insight into what data has been received from an external system and how this data is presented on the website. A major advantage of the middleware application is that multiple websites don’t have to be modified as soon as an external system is replaced or the contract of a link to a third system changes.

More conversions via the website

Scholen in the Kunst wants to make more conversions via the website and be more known in het region of Amersfoort. The new website got a complete rebranding and has become more user-friendly with the goal of increasing conversion rates. To achieve the goals of Scholen in de Kunst, we mapped out the needs of the target group. Based on this, we established clear and measurable conversion paths.

Online course registration via the my-environment

Scholen in de Kunst wants to encourage customers to enroll in courses online as much as possible. When customers find a course at the website, they get referred to the my-environment. At the my-environment they can register for the course, this way the register process will be flawless.

More about web applications Back Scholen in de Kunst

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