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10 Money plans
150 Municipalities available
355.380 Completed money plans

About Startpunt Geldzaken Online money plans to help visitors financially

Nibud is an independent information institute that does research on household finances and also educate people about that. Think about subjects like saving, expenses, loaning, in short: money matters in practice. All focused on households getting more control over their money. In order from Nibud, we created the platform Startpunt Geldzaken. On the platform, people can fill out the money plans, that provide guidance on concrete financial steps.

The goal An online platform to support households

By making online money plans available on the Startpunt Geldzaken platform, Nibud aims to promote financial self-sufficiency in various circumstances. Due to its success, Nibud already has concrete plans for the continued development of Startpunt Geldzaken. In the coming period, we’ll create more money plans, so that an even broader target group will be advised and assisted in the area of finances.

The question:
How can Nibud provide more guidance on concrete financial steps?
The solution:
An online platform where households can fill out money plans.
There are over 355.380 completed money plans. Right now, there are a variety of 10 different money plans available in 150 municipalities. Social workers, home administration volunteers and users are very enthusiastic. Clients can now work with the money plans on their own or be guided by social workers.

What did we do? Smart digital solutions

10 created money plans

Together with Nibud, we developed platform Startpunt Geldzaken and 10 money plans. Everything is fully custom made.

Interactive design

We first work out each new money plan in wireframes so that it can be tested to see if the money plan is logically constructed.

More about wireframes Back Nibud

Focus on flow and interaction with wireframes

Wireframes are a visual tool by developing a website or web application. It’s used in the early stage of the developing process to set the website- and page structure. We design wireframes to achieve the best user experience as possible. With UX design, visitors can easily navigate through the website and get to their goal faster.

Deployed ADAPT Datahub

With ADAPT, business data and processes come together in one application. Therefore, you can work more efficient.

More about ADAPT Back Nibud

Business data and processen come together in one application with ADAPT

The main goal of ADAPT is to make several common tasks during software development easier, more stable and more maintainable. ADAPT is capable of storing, manipulating, analyzing or reporting any kind of data. The way how, is completely customized. The architecture consists of several elements that work together.

Tasks in ADAPT:

  • Process scheduled tasks
  • Responding to an delivering changes
  • Saving of data
  • Editing of data
  • Managing data
  • Importing data
  • Analyzing and reporting

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