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We are always available to answer your questions or solve any problems with the portal. We are always personally contactable for emergencies. Through our backlog you can submit changes that you want to see in the portal. On the backlog you can also see the status of ongoing work.


We are always working in the background to maintain the portal. Technology develops at a rapid pace. For example, a portal from a year ago, may now be able to achieve a much faster load time by updating the code. New technology also brings new possibilities to the portal. We will always keep you informed about the updates we are planning to make.

Security & debugging

Updates are necessary to keep a web portal as secure as possible. It ensures that certain security holes and other problems are fixed. As a portal continues to run on the same, unchanged software, hackers are given the space and time to come up with a new way to intrude on your portal.

There is always the possibility that while using the portal, you may detect a bug. This means that something is not working as it should. Don't panic, where there is software, there are bugs. Bugs can often be fixed quickly.

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