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During the further development of a portal, we again go through many of the previous steps of developing the MVP. We always start by identifying the problems that you as an organization are facing, for which we come up with an appropriate solution. Where necessary, we hold another design sprint for this. We then decide how we are going to incorporate this in the portal, which functionalities we are going to add and whether new external links need to be made for this.

Feasibility check

Next, we go through the steps again to see if the solution we have in mind is technically feasible. We do this through a feasibility check. We check whether any connections can be made and, if necessary, we perform another Proof of Concept.


After the feasibility check, we can start developing the extension. During this time you can use the existing portal. The expansion of the portal will be done in a different environment, in which we can build the new functionality, extensively test it, get your approval, and then we will put it live.

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