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Proof Of Concept

Now we have a good idea of what the portal should look like. We have defined the requirements of the portal and want to start building it as soon as possible. However, we will first test whether what we have in mind is technically feasible. We'll do this with a Proof of Concept.

With a wide experience in building portals, we know that a lot is possible. But every customer is different and for every customer we come up with a new solution. To avoid disappointment or putting time into something and then finding out it's not feasible, we will test it first.

A Proof of Concept is different from a prototype. With a PoC we test, for example, whether it is possible to link the portal to an external system.

Tool selection

Next, we determine which tools we will use to build the portal. Will we be building it in ADAPT, Umbraco or a combination of both? Which plugins can we use or should we create our own? These are questions we ask ourselves when we start building the portal.

Depending on the solution and your needs, we will make choices.

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