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Agile Scrum Method

We are building the portal using the Agile Scrum Method. This is a collaborative working method. The purpose of the Agile Scrum Method is to work as flexibly and efficiently as possible. The product owner is responsible for the scope of the project, the scrum master ensures that everything runs smoothly. And our development team works on the final product, the web portal.

The project is divided into sections. We complete each part of the project in a separate sprint. The final product of the sprint is presented to you and tested. There is always room for feedback and direction.

Launch MVP

After completing all the sprints, the first, working product is ready to be used. That should be celebrated! Of course, you will receive a detailed explanation of the portal.

What is an MVP?

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. In this case, it is the first version of a web portal. The purpose of an MVP, is to create a product that meets the needs of the end users best. It reduces the risk of putting a lot of time into something without the desired result.

After delivery of the MVP, we continue developing the web application. Further development is done based on feedback, data and new wishes from the end users.

Benefits of a MVP

Avoid risks

With an MVP, you start with the most important features. Further development is done based on feedback. That way you know for sure that the extra features, in other words the extra time you put in, add extra value to the product.

Earlier launch

A big benefit of an MVP, is that you can launch it relatively early. Sure, a lot of time goes into building a portal, but you don't add additional features until the portal is already live.

Early feedback

Because the portal can be used from the beginning, you can receive early feedback on it. This allows you to further optimize the product.

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