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More about analysis

Every process starts with a problem or issue within the organization. Before we enter into the collaboration, we want map out the problems and issues you’re facing, and of course get to know you and your organization.

Establish organization goals

Who are you as organization and what problems are you running into to achieve your goals? These are important questions that we have to ask in the beginning of the trajectory.


Personas give you insight to design the portal completely to the user's needs. We create personas during an interactive brainstorm session.

Design Sprint

If needed, we schedule a Design Sprint. This is a method for reaching an innovative solution faster. During the Design Sprint, we clarify the problem, devise a solution, build a prototype and test it with the users.

More about analysis


More about requirements

After the extensive analysis, we have a desired solution in mind. No we have to decide how we’re going to set up this portal. We’ll look for the desired features the portal should have and which data we need from other systems.


We look at the desired features of the portal. We include the ones with the highest priority in the MVP.

Software links

What external systems should the portal be able to communicate with? All this data will be bundled and come together in the portal.


Through scoping, we form the basis of the planning process and define the final goals of the project.

More about requirements

Feasibility Check

More about feasility check

What do we need to develop the desired system? Can we get data from external systems? How much time does it take to build the portal? And what is the ratio between the investment and the bussines value it gives you. These are the questions that we will address next.

Proof of Concept

Through proof of concept, we decide if the portal we have in mind, with the features and is achievable.

Tool selection

Next we determine which tools, plugins and framework we are going to use to set up the portal. We can develop the portal in ADAPT or Umbraco, but also a combination of both.

More about feasility check

Development MVP

More about development MVP

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product, which will be the first version of the portal. The goal of the MVP, is to launch the portal earlier, so that we can learn from the experiences from the users of the portal. Based on that, we can continue developing the portal with more features.

Agile Scrum Method

We are building the MVP using the Agile Scrum Method. We work together in teams to the desired end result.

Launch MVP

The portal is live, let’s pop the champagne! After the launch of the MVP, it’s ready to use.

More about development MVP

Further Development

More about further development

A portal is a living product. After the launch of the MVP, we keep working on the extension of desired features. We’re always improving the product for you on the background and think proactively for improvements of the portal.


We’ll find an appropriate solution for each new problem you’re facing. First, we must have all the needs and requirements clear, this gives us a good picture for the desired expansion.

Feasibility check

For every new solution we’re going to develop, we’re doing a feasibility check. We’ll always adopt the most efficient approach.


For developing new features, we’ll also be using the Agile Scrum Method. You will always be closely involved in this as well.

More about further development


More about maintenance

Besides the ongoing development of the portal, we are also involved in its maintenance. We make sure that any problems are resolved quickly, the portal is always up-to-date and we do our best we can to keep hackers out.


You can always call us and through our backlog you can report problems or things you want to change in the portal. The team will work on it as soon as possible.


To ensure that the portal lasts for a long time, updates are performed regularly. Each update often provides newer features, a faster portal or we fix any problems.

Security & debugging

A portal contains a lot of private data. To prevent this from ending up on the street, we do everything possible to maintain your portal as safe as possible.

More about maintenance

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